B.A.T. 6+

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Performance Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

The all-new B.A.T. 6+ features the combination of a hypercar, spaceship, and batmobile in its design, which demonstrates its aggressiveness and aesthetics. The true ambidextrous design offers the ultimate customizability and comfort, allowing every gamer to swap the side skirts and palm rests at will under each circumstance. The high-end 16K DPI sensor and the 2ms response time of the DAKOTA™ Technology make you become the mobile armory.

● Iconic ambidextrous shape with hypercar vents design

● Swappable side skirts and palm rests for different grip styles of both hands

● Mad Catz DAKOTA™ Technology - 2ms response time

● Durable switches - guaranteed 60M clicks

● 5 sets of onboard profile storage configured


Superior Bloodlines Within

Combining the elements of fast and powerful design, the design cues were inspired by spaceships, hypercars, and batmobiles. The side vents design was obtained from the speediest hypercar. This design prevents the gamer's hands from overheating during long hours of play. The changeable side skirts reflect the aggressiveness of the starfighter's wings, making the control more agile. The palm-rest is also similar to the bat mobile's roof. Every line is carefully thought through, giving the whole mouse a raging sense of aesthetics and power.

Swap, And Unleash The Potential

The B.A.T. 6+’s various sizes of swappable backplates and side skirts are all expertly engineered to accommodate grip, claw, or finger-tip style play, allowing for a personalized gaming experience that adapts seamlessly to different gaming situations.

Mad Catz DAKOTA™ Technology with Durable Switches

Mad Catz DAKOTA Technology utilizes advanced signal-detection techniques to eliminate the bouncing and debouncing effect of the sensor pin. This technology accurately registers each signal and allows the sensor pin to perform accurate clicks. Moreover, the technology accelerates the response time to within only 2 milliseconds – which is 60% faster than other mechanical switches!

Durable Lifespan - The switches also provide a life expectancy in excess of 60 million clicks, ensuring that your gaming mouse won't let you down in the heat of the action!

Exclusive Sensor for Precision Strike

Empowered by the Pixart PMW 3389 optical sensor, the B.A.T. 6+ will be able to sense all of your enemies in every step that they take, giving you critical strikes with incredible levels of accuracy.

10 Programmable Buttons, 5 Onboard Memory Profiles

The 10 programmable button layout is specially designed to help you adapt across the different games. Up to 5 storage profiles make the optimization available for your current gameplay with just a click through the software.

Mad Catz Software

The software aims at combining your complex setup into an extension of the game with one integration while giving vivid lighting effects throughout the mouse chassis.

With fully customizable macros and hotkeys, also with the precise mouse sensitivity adjustments, you will have the complete edge over your rivals in a fierce battle.

The lighting profiles such as COLOR SHIFT or BREATHING turn your mouse into a reflection of the battlefield, making your fight more specific.