T.E.3 Arcade Fight Stick & Brook Wingman [Promo Bundle]

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The new Mad Catz T.E.3 is the true inheritor of the legendary T.E.2 arcade stick. The genuine Arcade Layout provides a Vewlix-style design with 8 action buttons that provide extremely accurate performance. The durable Sanwa Denshi parts support fighters to drain every drop of hit points from the enemy. The easy-to-mod chassis lets you access the inner component replacement. Apart from that, swapping the custom artwork is facilitated by the removable top panel. The enhanced internal storage space holds your extra gaming gear, repair tools and gives you a hassle-free way to carry additional tool cases or bags.

● Premium Configurable Buttons (Sanwa)

● Turbo & Lock Functions

● Touch Pad

● Customizable Stick And Button

● Removable Top Panel For Artwork

● Portable To PC & Console Play

● Handle & Shoulder Ring

● Lap Sitting Design


Premium Components

High-quality original push button by Sanwa from Japan.
Snap-in installation, easy to replace existing parts and build your own custom controller.


Maintenance & Portability

Internal storage for easy maintenance and storage of your "connection & modding" accessories. The T.E. 3 has a convenient passthrough shoulder strap or carry handle attachment. 


Replaceable Cardboard Top Cover

The removable top panel allows you to install unique art skin and gives you access to update, swap, and all the eccentric mods so you can fully customize your fighting gear!



PS4(via PS4 controller bridge) ; PS5(via PS4 controller bridge) ; Xbox One X ; Xbox One S ; SWITCH ; PC